English is EASY

English is the most spoken language in the world. It is also the easiest one to learn.  The best way to learn, of course, is to live in an English-speaking culture.  But many people don´t have the opportunity or the time to travel.

We bring the “English Gym” to YOU

Our classes are dynamic and intense.  They are more like going to the gym than going to an academic class.  We will make you work hard to maximize your results.  Clamenglish specializes in providing in-company English classes for all levels with flexible days and times so you or your staff can study English according to your own schedules. We are your personal-English trainer that comes to your office to give you a focused and dynamic English work-out.

We adapt the class to YOUR NEEDS

We make the most of your time by concentrating class activities and build your agility in English. We make sure you master the basics before you advance, and are very careful and efficient at correcting every mistake to build your confidence and ability as fast as possible.
– Classes at your office or home.
– Flexible days and times.
– Conversation classes and Business English.
– English gym (intense language workouts)
– Personalized course study.
– Price quote and level test FREE.

Available in the Comunidad Valenciana.